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Play Your Odd vs the dealer or vs friends, win more
Se7ens Dapp Fair tokens (SEVEN)

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Fair & Fee-Less Gambling
Smart Contract Governed
Instant Transaction On The EOS Blockchain
Choose your game from the interactive map game selection

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How To Play

First choose your desired game from the map, then you need to connect to the game with your EOS account through Scatter and

have your SEVEN tokens ready to play.

In every game you will find specific instruction & rules for that game

Win SEVEN Tokens

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What Can I Do With SEVEN Tokens?

SEVEN Tokens benefits the users in few ways, either by holding the tokens or using them.

Playing The Game With SEVEN Tokens

Easy to use App That Works On PC and Mobile Safely Through Scatter

Profit Dividends

Players Can Claim Dividends at certain periods of time (TBA) And Be Awarded By The Total Amount of SEVEN Tokens They stake

Random Bonuses And Prizes

With more ways to win every month you can win more than ever before! You Can Also Be a Part of Out Bounty Campaign


Can Be Traded With Other Tokens

Powered by EOS, SEVEN tokens fully utilize the most out of the EOS Blockchain and will be listed on various Exchanges

Total Supply: 5,000,000,000

AirGrab Amount: 3,500,000,000

Team & Network: 1,500,000,000

Bounty Campaign

Another Way to Grow Bank of SEVEN Tokens - Participate in our Bounty Campaign

Write an Article About the Game

15,000 SEVEN

Make a Video About the Game

100,000 SEVEN

Design a New Amazing Token Logo (Competition)

Up To 1,000,000 SEVEN Tokens for the Winner!

And More...

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